33Ibs compressed bags = $30 + GST & S/H

Bag Dimensions = 31''x14''x10'' 

Hemp Mulch is a superior garden bedding that is more absorbent which helps manage water better through hot summers. 

Hemp mulch is primarily an application for:

  • Mulching green houses, vegetable gardens and berry plants

  • Mulching fruit trees and vines

  • Container mulching (i.e. large shrubs)

  • Soil amender (i.e. hanging baskets, vegetable and flower beds, potted plants)

  • Compost “helper” and cover, allows effective separation of wet materials to discourage anaerobic conditions

  • It also provides the added benefits of an erosion controller

Product features and attributes:

  • Compressed material easy to tease-out and separate

  • Favourable to micro-organisms and biota such as earthworms

  • Superior insulating properties protecting the soil from hot summers or cold winters

  • Durability of 12-24 months after mixed into soil

  • Neutral pH

  • Hemp absorbs 400% its own weight which means less time and money spent watering your plants

  • 100% seed and weed free

For best results:

  • Mulch beds or top dress pots with 1/2inch - 2 inches of hemp mulch

  • Mix your soil up to a 50/50 ratio with our hemp mulch

              (50% mulch ratio is not recommended for plants that love dryer roots)

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